Photo: Scott Shaw

Photo: Scott Shaw

As growing artists, performance opportunities are imperative to a young dancers evolution. Today, artists must have the versatility to not only perform on traditional stages, but to engage with audiences in unconventional settings. MOVE(NYC) is committed to teaching our Young Professionals that art has no boundaries. We encourage them to bring their unique cultural experiences to the stage in order to connect more deeply with a wide range of audiences.

The Young Professionals Ensemble has premiered new creations by notable choreographers such as Shamel Pitts, Loni Landon, Antonio Brown, Chanel DaSilva, and Nigel Campbell and performed in prestigious arts venues such as Brooklyn Academy of Music, Bronx Academy of Arts & Dance, and GIBNEY.


 Above Photos: Scott Shaw

Our Young Professionals perform in the MOVE(NYC) Pops! Series, which are free pop-up performances that take place in various New York City communities throughout the year. Through MOVE(NYC) Pops! they provide access to live dance performance at no cost to it’s viewers. This serves as a way for the Young Professionals to gain valuable performance experience, and to understand the importance of using what they have learned in order to enrich and inspire the lives of others.

In addition to their community engagement, they are able to continue developing and honing their craft by participating in high caliber professional performances. Each time they take the stage they are one step closer to achieving their goal of a successful career in this field.