Move the Field

MOVE the Field is MOVE(NYC)'s newest venture. MOVE(NYC) believes it is essential for young dancers to have greater access to the field in order to fully be prepared for it. MOVE the Field affords Young Professionals the opportunity study with a wide range of prominent choreographers and gives students the necessary tools to be a valuable asset to a professional dance company. MOVE(NYC)'s long term goal is for MOVE the Field to become a gateway into New York City's top dance companies and further MOVE(NYC)'s mission of diversifying the dance profession by placing our alumni directly into it.

In this pilot year, two dancers, Nouhoum Koita, a high school junior, and Olivia Wang, a high school senior, took part in a multi-tiered three-month residency with Juilliard Alum and Princess Grace Award Winning choreographer, Andrea Miller's Gallim Dance, and MacArthur Genius Grant Awardee Kyle Abraham's A.I.M, respectively. Both Nouhoum and Olivia attended live performances by each company and had full back stage access, watched and assisted the choreographer in company rehearsals, and in addition to attending MOVE(NYC)’s Summer Intensive, attended the respective company's Summer
Intensive as well - all at no monetary cost.

Nouhoum and Olivia describe their experience as the inaugural participants in this innovative program:

Nouhoum Koita

MOVE the Field was an amazing experience, allowing me to get an insight into company life as a professional dancer while working with Gallim. MOVE the Field helped my growth tremendously by putting me in contact with dancers and directors currently in the field. I was transformed into a company member, going through their work/rehearsal hours. I felt joy and admiration for the art form and that feeling added fuel to my fire, making me work harder to be able to live that in the future. Equipped with information not only about company hours, but also
technical and emotional aspects of a dancer’s life, I feel ready, thankful, and excited to take the next step in my career.

Olivia Wang 

MOVE the Field gave me the opportunity to work, shadow, and intern with the amazing company, A.I.M. This experience gave me so much knowledge about life as a professional dancer. Getting to work alongside Kyle Abraham, and talking with the company members’ about their own personal experiences in the field really opened my eyes to what life is like in a professional company. All of the advice and knowledge that was passed down to me will stick with me forever and I am so thankful for everything they have told me. I have been directly exposed to the professional world, thanks to MOVE the Field, and I could not feel more excited or ready to step into the world myself.

MOVE(NYC)'s long term goal is for MOVE the Field to become a gateway into New York City’s top dance companies and further MOVE(NYC)’s mission of diversifying the dance profession by placing alumni directly into it.