The cornerstone of MOVE(NYC) is its tuition-free, Young Professionals Program that provides high-caliber dance education and leadership training to talented and motivated New York City teenagers, ages 13 – 18. This robust program consists of its Summer Intensive, Winter Intensive, Mentorship, and year-long performance opportunities through its professional youth company, The Young Professionals Ensemble. MOVE(NYC)'s Young Professionals are exposed to the rigor of a professional dance career as they develop into versatile, socially conscious, and well-rounded artists -- propelling each young dancer to the next phase of their technical and artistic training.

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As part of the Young Professionals Program, students can look forward to:


3-week Summer Intensive and 4-day Winter Intensive

  • Technique: Execution, musicality, and performance quality in Ballet, Contemporary, Improvisation, Repertory, and Jazz.

  • Choreographic Collaboration: Working closely with a choreographer on the creation of a new piece to be performed in the annual performance showcase and in year-round community-based performances.

  • Performance Therapy: Learn strategies for physical therapy, nutrition, injury-prevention, and self-care that prepare each student for a long-lasting career in dance.

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  • Career Management: With a focus on public speaking, networking, professional conduct, and resume building our Young Professionals are equipped with the requisite skills to navigate the dance field.

  • Writing Skills: Young Professionals develop an understanding of themselves as dancers and their career goals through language, such as developing artistic statements and aspirational resumes.

  • Guest Panel Discussion: MOVE(NYC) bridges generational gaps by connecting our Young Professionals to relevant, successful, working artists who are reflective of our student body. By seeing themselves represented, our Young Professionals are empowered to actualize their dreams and aspirations knowing that they are now connected and supported by the leaders of the dance community.


  • Young Professionals attend individualized sessions with Nigel and Chanel to keep their goals on track year-round.

  • Young Professionals regularly attend professional dance performances at no cost, so that they can see the level of dancing to which they aspire.

  • MOVE(NYC) Pops! -- A series of free pop-up performances featuring the organization’s Young Professionals that take place in various New York City communities throughout the year. Young Professionals directly engage with and inspire diverse communities by providing access to live dance performance at no cost to viewers.

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Young ProfessionalS Ensemble

  • The Young Professionals Ensemble brings our Young Professionals one step closer to achieving their goal of a successful career in the dance profession by performing repertory across New York City.

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