MOVE(NYC) is a multi-pillared arts organization whose primary focus is to cultivate greater diversity and equity within the Dance world and beyond. Through providing access to high quality training, directly engaging our community and the curating of new and exciting professional performance opportunities, MOVE(NYC) strives to aid in fostering a dance experience more reflective of the world we live in today.


The core mission of MOVE(NYC)'s Summer Dance Intensive is to identify exceptionally talented New York City teenagers and provide them with a world class dance education completely free of charge. Our goal is to develop, cultivate, and educate the next generation of exceptional dance artists. In order to do this successfully, we feel it is an absolute necessity to eliminate any potential roadblocks deserving students may face on the path towards realizing their full potential. At MOVE(NYC), we believe strongly that one factor alone should determine access to quality training; TALENT.





The average cost of a summer dance intensive at a top tier school typically ranges between $3,000- $5,000.00. Chanel and Nigel began to notice throughout their training and careers, that all too often extremely talented young people from underserved communities, especially young Black women, were becoming locked out from achieving their full potential because they lacked the financial resources to attend these elite programs. Education is undoubtedly the key to success; and no matter where a dancer comes from or what their situation is, it is our duty as educators to nurture talent that has the potential to move the art form forward. As students, Chanel DaSilva and Nigel Campbell were fortunate enough to receive the type of training necessary to succeed on an international scale. At this juncture in their respective careers, they believe it is now necessary to sow the seeds of that success back into the next generation of great artists. Dance, at its best, has the ability to touch people at the deepest cores of their being. The more diverse the dance community becomes, the richer the entire art form will be. The more stories we are able to tell, the more people we can ultimately reach.   

the MOve(ment)

We believe MOVE(NYC) is a microcosm of the broader social movement towards access and equality for all. Education is the fundamental key to success, and every child who is willing and able should have access to that key. Our mission is not community outreach. It is to create a platform from which motivated and highly talented youths can achieve their full potential, no matter where they come from. We aim to level a tilted playing field, so that talent becomes the primary determining factor to success. Far too many children are being locked out and left behind. This is as true in the Arts community, where a highly specialized education is an absolute necessity, as it is in academia. Dance is our vehicle, and we plan to use it to do something impactful for the betterment of all people. Through MOVE(NYC), we strive to uplift others as we simultaneously uplift ourselves. It is our inherent belief that nurturing these young artists at this critical stage in their development will not only serve the Dance field, but the community at large.